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So, i have been in winnipeg for about 3 weeks now. Its rather different. Im in a group home. and shit is like blah. OMFG IM GETTING A MACBOOK THINGER FROM THE APPLE STORE IN POLO PARK!!!! hahahaha. You know your cool when


Alright it’s been eight days of school. I’ve learned a lot just from nine days, but I had a little accident and I am not doing to well on it, I ended up hurting my knee really really bad.
Anyways, I’ve done some assignments so far, and have done pretty good on them. I’m starting to participate in gym class now. I do hate gym but I will work in it. School has been very good these eight days. The one thing is I might not be coming into school much if my knee starts to have growing pain. Might even have to get surgery done to it. Back to school. School is going pretty good for me. I believe that I am doing pretty well since school started up last week.

Sorry about that last night. I know I said I would put some links to video’s and put video’s up but somethings kind of went wrong yesterday. So I wasn’t home until 800-830 ish. I am hoping I will be able to do it this weekend. I’m not sure what other moves they learned in Advanced class yesterday. I had to leave at lunch time due to unwanted pain in my knee. I’m not going into detail. I believe I’ve said this story a million times and I’m already tired of saying and that’s a little sad because I’m the talkative type of person. This weekend I will try my hardest to get up the video’s and links. If possible I will get a video of the grades 7-12 performing what they had learned over time this week. I might not be able to but most likely I will. Again I am sorry if I got some people worked up and ready to see this video’s, it was interrupted by a big problem on behalf.

Hello. I would like to talk about artist in the school. There is a guy that came into our school and is teaching grades 7-12 hip hop (AKA break dancing). Some people have decided to go into the advanced class. It s so much fun. And every class he is teaching is going to perform a dance routine for the whole school on Friday. I’m going to see if my mom can come so she can video tape it because i want to show how well this guy has taught all of us these moves. They are awesome and i want to share it with a lot of people. It’s awesome. Today after school the advanced class crew has a practice. So far in that class he has taught us the L kick and Colt 45. They are so cool, for some of you who dont know what those are I will get two or three videos from youtube to show you all what they look like. One will be of the L kick and the other will be of the Colt 45. I will put a link up on here to show you this really cool break dancing videoI saw on youtube last night. I was looking for some videos on some other types of break dancing. I will most likely write a new post for the videos and everything. We most likely will learn more things today after school. I will also look for videos of those too if we do learn another thing, and I will let you know what our crew is called if we all figure out a good name for it. Thank you all and you will be receiving a new post tonight for all the break dancing things.

Hello again

Posted on: 09/16/2009

Hello everyone. Nice to see everyone in Mr. Fisher’s class again. As you all know I was in Mr. Fisher’s class then one day after school disappeared, but now I am back and happy to see everyone even a few new people. Well lets start over. I’m Jolene. Some know me as Brookelle. It is one of my names I have two of them. This year I am repeating the seventh grade. I am going to be finishing my grade seven until Christmas break then I might be getting put into grade eight. I’m only repeating this grade because when I was in Winnipeg after living with my dad I got but into a new foster home and it was down in West Kildonan. So I couldn’t go back to George Waters Middle School just because I wasn’t in the catchment area. I play volley ball now. I’m starting to do better in school then last year. I am usually a straight A stupid but things changed and I got horrible grades because I didn’t do the work. My teachers know I’m a straight A stupid and I said that I will prove it now. I’m going to work my hardest. So far I have been doing great. =] I want to prove that I am a very good student. I’m working hard and doing my best. I even started to participate in gym class and I HATE gym class. I just want to make everything right now. I’m trying so hard. Enough about this so bye.
Untill Next Time
Muucchhh Looovee
-Skittle Biitt ‘zz

Dear World

Posted on: 09/16/2009

There are some things in life you can’t take back no matter how hard you try. I’ve messed up so many times. I don’t now what do to anymore. What I do know is I want to be in Winnipeg. From the start I didn’t even want to move to move to Winnipeg because I knew if I made enough friends, I would get attached, and that I would just become one of those like spoiled bratty kids.  Well for me that’s pretty much what happened. I made so many good friends. I miss them dearly now. Every now and then I cry. I cry because i think of all the good times I’ve had. Sometimes when I’m sitting in class and I will think about it. I want to just sit there and cry but I hold back the tears. Everyone I met is good to me and then me the world to me now. It gets so hard for me I know I’m young, and I’m already thinking about leaving my mom soon. I just need to find somewhere to live. My friend Jason is getting his own place and he offered me a place to live since I am trying to find  somewhere. My friend Matt also told me and my sister Natalie we could spend a few days at his place. Those two guys are really good friends to me. I wish I was in Winnipeg right now. I really don’t want to be with my mom. She pisses me off a lot. And we don’t really get along to well. Living with her tends to get really hard and I can’t handle it. So that’s where the whole cutting thing comes in. I wish I didn’t even have to leave Winnipeg. Everything is just to complicated and I can’t deal with it all. There isn’t much I can do but take all the drama she gives me. My friend Natalie is always there for me. She is a really good friend and the only person that is around. She means a lot to me. I don’t know what life would be like if I didn’t even meet her. This life is so confusing but I think I will live in the end. Hopefully. Suicide has come to mind many times already but I manage to just stay away from that stuff. But that’s all I had to say. Just felt like putting it out there.

Much Love
-Skittle Biitt ‘zz

Heey everyone.
Yeah long time no posts. Lol.
I’m thinking of trying to get my VEST teacher to think up blogs for education like how Mr. Fisher has done.
It is a real great idea.
But anyways im in school and yeah they are letting me do this. 🙂
Hope to hear from others soon. Its been a long time since i heard from anybody in Snow Lake.
I might be going back to live with my mom in Snow Lake.
But then again i might stay here in foster care or go back to my dads place.
I want to go to Snow Lake but i always want to stay in Winnipeg. I have alot of friends here. I love it here. All that.
Me, I’m not writing much right now.
Oh and by the way, my friend Summer says HI!
Yeah she is a loser….. LIKE ME!!
Got to go now. Class is over.
Byee ❤ 🙂

Skittle Bitzz
-Jolene =:] ❤

Okay sorry for posting this late but this was supposed to be posted before for when I was in Winnipeg

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